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The Life and Employment of a PADI Scuba Instructor

You are now a PADI OWSI and you are on an airplane going to your new location for your new job. Butterflies are in your stomach and you’re excited about everything that you’re going through. The dream has been realized and you’re ready to do your thing!

As you arrive at your new destination, for example; Bali Indonesia, St Maarten in the Caribbean or maybe one of the islands in the Mediterranean, your met by the operations manager from the dive shop and shown to your new work location. After an introduction to the staff you’re off to find a place to live if one has not been provided for you by the employer, yes some include accommodations and even food. This is getting real good now, but wait there is more. After getting a place to stay you’re off to the area of town you will be working in and check out the local restaurants, bars or whatever you’re into. You have done your homework so nothing is a surprise and it’s just what you have been looking for in a place to live and teach scuba.

As a dive Instructor you’ll never find a job that has so much variety, one day you’ll be introducing a group of backpackers to the wonders of the underwater realm, with the PADI Open Water diver course, and guide beginner students through one of the most unique multi sensory experiences they will ever engage in, these customers will never forget you for the work you do.
At other times in your daily duties you’ll be conducting professional dive courses, with the PADI Divemaster program, by taking other people that are wanting to change there lives, that you will mentor and guide to the ranks of a PADI dive professional while sharing your own experiences of diving. When it comes to lunch time rather than hiding from the rain indoors or rushing to find something suitable to eat in the little time you have, you’ll find that a PADI Scuba Instructors lunch times, can be spent for hours in one of the many restaurants or beach hang outs catching up with colleagues on their morning dives while afternoons maybe spent on the beach or teaching dive academics in the classroom to aspiring divers.

You might be asked to fill tanks and do EAN tank fills or drive the boat to the dive sites. Load gear for the morning dive trip or be at the dive shop talking to prospective new students and divers. No matter what the job entails you will be working and living a life that most people only dream about.

As an active dive Instructor in a reputable facility don’t be surprised if you actually find that you are able to save 2-3 times more a month than you actually spend. That’s why when most scuba diving Instructors do decide that the time has come to move on they have usually saved enough to head off to the next exotic location, the only problem is where next?

scuba diving instructorOk, here is the better part. In the evenings you will be out socializing with your students and friends from the dive shop. Out to eat and have great conversations over a few drinks at the local watering hole or maybe you like to dance the night away or just have a quiet place to relax and reflect on how lucky you are and wise you were when you made the decision to be trained at Cozumel Dive School so that all of this was able to come true.

Every place that you work will be different so it’s good to be open minded and flexible enough to change to the way you do things as regards to dive shop operations. However, no matter where you work or what it is your doing that day it will sure be better than the old job you left behind before you transformed yourself in to a PADI Professional Scuba Instructor.


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