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IDC Schedule 2017:


January 18-22 24-31 18-31 29 01-02 Feb 04-08 Feb
February -- -- -- -- -- --
March 01-05 07-14 01-14 12 15-16 18-22
April 19-23 25-02 19-02 30 03-04 May 06-10 May
May -- -- -- -- -- --
June 07-11 13-20 07-20 18 21-22 24-28
July -- -- -- -- -- --
August 02-06 08-15 02-15 13 16-17 19-23
September 06-10 12-19 06-19 17 20-21 23-27
October 11-15 17-24 11-24 22 25-26 28-01 Nov
November 15-19 21-28 15-28 26 29-30 02-06 Dec
December -- -- -- -- -- --

AI - Assistant Instructor
EFRI – Emergency First Response Instructor
OWSI - Open Water Scuba Instructor
MSDT – Master Scuba Diver Trainer
IDC – Instructor Development Course
IE – Instructor Exam

The IDC Staff Instructor course starts 3 days before the IDC start date.

Now that you have picked the date you want to do your IDC in Cozumel. Click here to sign up!





Day 1
Orientation to IDC/Paperwork
Skill Circuit

Day 2
Dive Theory exams
PADI Systems
Teaching in Confined Water

Day 3
Confined Water Presentations #1 and #2 plus Rescue Assessment
Start and Keep Diving
Conducting Open Water Training Dives

Day 4
Open Water Presentations #1 & #2
General Standards and Procedures
Developing Academic Presentations

Day 5
Knowledge Development Presentation #1
Business of Diving and Marketing Diving
Dive Theory Exams
Standards Exam

Day 6 Day Off - Self Study




Day 7
Knowledge Development Presentation #2
Risk Management
Dive Theory Exams - Standards Exams

Day 8
Confined Water Presentations #3 and #4
PADI Scuba Diver and PADI Open Water Diver Course
PADI Adventures in Diving/Specialties/Technical Diving

Day 9
Open Water Presentations #3 and #4
Dive Theory Exams - Standards Exams

Day 10
Knowledge Development Presentation #3
Dive Theory Exams – Standards Exams
Teaching Children
PADI Rescue Diver and Divemaster Program

Day 11
Open Water Presentations #5 & #6
Knowledge Development Presentation #4
Dive Theory Exams – Standards Exams

Congratulations for the successful completion of the Instructor Development Course!!!


Day 12
EFR Instructor Course

Day 13 
Confined water Presentations #5 plus mini-skill circuit
Dive Theory Exams - Standards Exam

Day 14
Open Water Presentations #7 & #8
Knowledge Development Presentation #5 (optional

Classroom and Confined starts at 8:30 lunch at 12:00,
resume at 13:30 finish 17:00
Open Water days start at 7:30 lunch at 12:30, resume at 13:30 finish 17:00

*** times are subject to change with one days notice ***


Day 1      Orientation and Theory and Standards Exam
Day 2      Academic Presentations (classroom)
              Confined Water Presentations (pool)
              Skill Evaluations (5 skills)
Day 3      Open Water Presentations and Rescue Skill #7

You sit the Instructor Exam directly after the Instructor Development Course. Once you have passed the IE, you are certified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and able to teach Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster students.



Purpose and Goal

The purpose of the PADI Instructor Examination is to evaluate if an instructor candidate’s knowledge and skills are sufficient to earn a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification. The IE is an evaluative program that tests the instructor candidate’s teaching ability, dive theory knowledge, water skill level, understanding of the PADI System and attitude and professionalism. The goalscuba instructor training is to objectively evaluate the instructor candidate’s ability to meet the certification criteria. PADI IEs are standardized evaluations that are conducted by Instructor Examiners who work for the various PADI Offices. The IE location, testing environment and evaluation sessions are selected to ensure the most conducive setting possible for assessing instructor candidate abilities. An instructor candidate who meets the IE performance requirements earns a PADI Instructor certification (as long as all other prerequisite requirements are met).


Instructor Candidate Prerequisites and Enrollment

To enroll in a PADI Instructor Examination, an individual must:

1. Successfully complete an IDC or OWSI Program within 12 months of the start date of the IE.

2. Have documentation of at least 100 logged dives including experience in deep, night and navigation diving.

3. Present an Instructor Certificate of Completion that has both the OWSI/IDC completion date and dive experience sections signed by a PADI Course Director or present an IE Certificate of Participation from a previous IE.

4. Present an IE Enrollment form and appropriate IE fee.

5. Present a medical form attesting to diving fitness, signed by a physician and current within the last 12 months. An instructor candidate who is unsuccessful at an IE must wait at least five days before attending another IE. If unsuccessful at a second IE, the instructor candidate must complete remedial training as prescribed by PADI Instructor Development.



Specialty Schedule:
Master Scuba Diver Trainer

These sets of PADI Courses are designed to give you the ability to teach Specialties.

scuba diving instructor training

After you have completed any Specialty Instructor course you will be able to teach that Specialty. After completing five Specialty Course and certifying 25 students you will be able to apply for your MSDT rating. This rating can make a big difference in whether or not employers are interested in you. With the PADI MSDT rating employers know that you are able to bring them more revenue so you are a more valuable employee to the Dive operator.

Depending on what Specialties you pick will determine the number of days it will take to complete the full course.




Required Dives for Specialty Instructor Rating

Boat 1
Deep 2
Digital Underwater Photographer 2
Drift 1
Enriched Air 1 (recommended)
Multilevel 1
Night 1
Search and Recovery 2
Underwater Naturalist 1
Underwater Navigator 1
Wreck 2

Along with the dives you will be tested on your knowledge to teach these courses. All Knowledge Reviews and Exams must be completed and taken.

IDC Staff Instructor:

The IDC Staff Instructor course requires you to be a MSDT and sit a complete IDC.


instructor development course


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