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Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program:

Master Scuba Diver Trainer is the next level once you have completed your IDC and have passed you IE. Cozumel Dive School IDC offers all its instructor students the opportunity to acquire this msdt packagerating in Cozumel Mexico with Cozumel Dive School showing you how to teach Specialty courses and giving you the chance to work along some great PADI Instructors. All you need to do is pick five specialties that interest you and complete the courses. Then you need to have twenty five certifications.

Here we go…Cozumel Dive School Resort will enable you to receive the twenty five certifications and show you how to teach the PADI system of diving. This will be a far better experience than just going out on your own and not having any one guide you as to the procedures that Master Instructors have learned through years of experience. You will be trained and guided in your first few courses. Then you will have the opportunity to teach on your own with an experienced Instructor at your side to assist in any way you need.

Specialty Instructor Courses

Cozumel Dive School IDC is proud to offer many PADI Specialty Instructor certifications. There is quite a list to choose from, and each course can significantly improve your ability to teach more courses and earn a better income. The bottom line is having fun while becoming a well rounded PADI Instructor.

Below is a list and descriptions of the most popular specialty certifications we offer:


The MSDT program will include 5 Specialty courses. You will also have the ability to train along side our qualified Instructors when teaching your first few courses. The MSDT course takes about 5 days of training and diving depending on the specialties you choose.

Cost $ 600 -- with at least 5 Specialties

In all the Specialty courses offered you must complete all the knowledge reviews and all the in-water skills. These skills are combined into the required number of dives listed.

Wreck Diver

Required dives 2  -- $ 200

A fun, challenging and exciting experience into the fascinating world of submerged wrecks. Learn the skills necessary to safely dive, penetrate and explore shipwrecks.

Underwater Navigator

Required dives 1  -- $ 160

A must for every recreational diver. This course will leave you with the confidence and knowledge to navigate your way around dive sites and return easily and confidently back to the boat or shore.

Digital Underwater Photographer

Required dives 1  -- $ 160

Your mission: Take only pictures, leave only bubbles! Want to learn how to take more memories home from your dive excursions? Even skilled photographers can benefit from the knowledge learned about how water and conditions affect how you would want to take photographs. Learn digital underwater photography by professional photographers. We will show you composition, lighting tips and depth of field. A must for any one interested in taking back memories from their dive experience. This course includes the rental of a digital underwater camera.

Night Diver

Required dives 1  -- $ 160

So many wonderful things happen underwater at night. It truly is a different world. Nocturnal creatures come out to play and crawl about. Let us show you this amazing, seldom seen world and teach some very useful and safety oriented skills along the way.


scuba diving instructor course

Deep Diver

Required dives 2  -- $ 200

Deep diving can be fun and exciting if done safely. This specialty is geared toward the more challenging side of recreational diving. Although a bit more intense than shallow diving... It offers some rewards and discoveries that will enable you to dive deeper with the knowledge and confidence to keep you safe. After this course you will be certified to dive to the recreational limits of 40 meters.

Search & Recovery

Required dives 2  -- $ 200

Accidentally drop something in the water? Looking for lost treasure? Learn effective ways to locate objects underwater with the PADI Search & Recovery Diver program! You'll learn all about the techniques of navigation, lift bags, search and recovery. Valuable skills and knowledge every diver should have.

Underwater Naturalist

Required dives 1  -- $ 160

During this course, you will learn about aquatic life groupings (kingdoms and phyla), factual information that dispels myths of potentially dangerous aquatic life, an overview of basic aquatic life interactions and associations, and diving techniques used to help preserve bottom dwelling aquatic life and minimize aquatic life disturbance.

Drift Diver

Required dives 1  -- $ 160

Gliding with the currents, feeling the rush of flying underwater, is what drift diving is all about.You'll learn about special equipment such as floats, lines, reels. You'll also learn about proper procedures for buoyancy-control, navigation and communication, site selection and overview of aquatic currents causes and effects.


scuba diving instructor

Enriched Air (EAN or Nitrox)

Required dives none  -- $ 175

The latest way to safely give you more time underwater is Enriched air. Better known as NITROX, this higher oxygen mix of diving gas can make you feel less fatigued and load less nitrogen while, in some cases, significantly increasing your bottom time.

Having the ability to teach these Specialty Courses and having your MSDT rating will make a difference in your ability to work with success in the dive industry. The more you can learn the more you can teach and the more you will be sought after to work for some of the best dive centers in the World.

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