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Facts Questions and Answers


I am a new diver and want to be a PADI Pro,
can I still do that?

Yes, It does not matter if your a new diver or have never been diving before you can always train to become a PADI Pro. The courses needed to reach you goal of a PADI Pro Divemaster or PADI Instructor are all available from Go Pro Cozumel and Cozumel Dive School 5 Star IDC Resort. Most of our students take the Divemaster Internship program or the "COL" Change of life program to start them on the right path to becoming a PADI Pro. The Internship program is perfect for any level scuba diver or non diver to save money on courses and diving. You will not have to worry about housing, PADI Fees or materials while on Cozumel.


Where will I live while I am doing my PADI Pro courses or PADI Instructor Development Course?

idc intern houseYou will live in a 2 story, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom fully furnished Mexican style house in the heart of the town of San Miguel on Cozumel. The house is about a 15 min walk to the classroom and dive shop. We believe that staying in an apartment or hotel room is not the proper way to enjoy the training and lifestyle that is a part of becoming a PADI Pro Divemaster or Instructor. You should be in an environment that is conducive to learning and more important the fun lifestyle that goes with being a student at Go Pro Cozumel.


What is there to do on Cozumel?

There are more things to do on Cozumel than any other place in the Riviera Maya. Cozumel has culture, discotheques, restaurants and tourists all year long. We have it all! Wonderful local street food, virgin beaches, parasailing, jet skiing, wind surfing, a tequila factory, jeep tours, jungle tours, bars, cantinas, beach volleyball games, basketball courts, beach bars and sports centers and much more. The best thing we have is the Diving. That’s right; we have the diving that Playa Del Carmen and Cancun divers come here for.


What are the prices like on Cozumel?

Cozumel is a moderately inexpensive place to live. Depending on your eating habits, you can live on less than $100 a week and since your accommodations are included you don’t have to worry about looking for a place to live and paying rent. Cozumel is a tourist town and we do have places that are tourist priced but there are many places that are priced for the locals. So, food and entertainment can be found very cheap. If you want a dollar amount to bring, I would budget for about $500 a month for food and entertainment.


How will I get my money back from my investment?

As soon as you finish your IE you will be able to start working and recovering your investment. As most PADI Instructors make $ 1500 a month here in the Caribbean and much more in other parts of the world it wont take long to realize that your investment will soon be returned. Go Pro Cozumel and Cozumel Dive School has contacts all over the world with dive centers, resorts and liveabord. We will do all we can to lead you in the right direction to finding that first job. Over 80% of the graduates from Go Pro Cozumel are currently employed in locations like Honduras, Thailand, USA, St Maarteen and other Caribbean islands. Be careful about promises that you will get to work for the dive center that trained you during your IDC or other PADI Pro course. Most of the time there is no job and if you do get one you are seriously underpaid or used as a freelance instructor.


Do I need to have my own scuba equipment?

No, Go Pro Cozumel will supply you with all the scuba equipment you need for all your training. You will be fitted for a perfect fit set of fins, mask, wetsuit and BCD. You will have a name brand Regulator set for your use as well. All of the scuba gear that is needed for you to do your Go Pro course will be supplied free of charge. If you have your own gear please feel free to bring it. We do suggest that you purchase your own set of personal gear; wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins. PADI suggest that you have your own gear when you are a Pro so owning your own gear at the Divemaster and Instructor level is recommended.


How are the medical facilities on Cozumel?

There is excellent medical service on the island and your insurance will cover you for problems. You also will have the novel experience of Not Having to Wait Very Long. We have "state of the art" American Medical standards on Cozumel. For minor issues you can see a Dr. for about $25 and medication here is available for all with out a prescription. You will notice that the hospitals and clinics on Cozumel are as clean and well organized as they are in the United States. Most of the medical staff has been trained by med schools in the UK or the US and by some of the most professional training hospitals in Mexico City. Basically, don’t worry.


What is the standard of living in Cozumel?

The standard of life here is great. They are no different from that of any average European or American town. We have 24 hours reliable electricity, internet Wi-Fi access, cell phones, schools, universities, public transportation, banking, international restaurants and a well working town infrastructure. Other than the difference in people and culture you should feel the same way you do back home.


cozumel diving map

Is it safe in Mexico? Do I need a visa?

Yes it is very safe in Cozumel, Mexico. The people here are very friendly and always reach out to lend you and hand if you need help of have questions about the town or where to go for food and party. Cozumel is a tourist place with an average of 8,000 visitors a day via the cruise ships. Therefore, the locals are understanding of the needs of tourists and are always willing to help and be friendly.

No, there is no visa needed to enter Mexico and when you arrive you will receive a 6 month tourist visa that is easily renewed.


Why does Go Pro Cozumel have a 14 day IDC when others have fewer days?

At Go Pro Cozumel and Cozumel Dive School we believe that in order for you to be an employable effective PADI Instructor right after your IDC/IE it is important to extend the IDC past the minimum standards. Go Pro Cozumel's 14 day IDC (including EFRI) gives you the ability to do more presentations in the IDC to aid you to be more prepared for the IE but more importantly more experience to take that first job and know how to teach your first PADI course. Being trained at Go Pro Cozumel means that you have advantages over other instructors because we are known for developing quality PADI instructors. We don't just train you to be a PADI Instructor, we give you the ability to start you career!

What if I fail the PADI IE (Instructor Exam)?

First of all, that will not happen. However, we all have bad days and know that it is possible to forget something and not meet our full potential on that day. So, if you do fail the IE Go Pro Cozumel will retrain you for free; let you continue to have free accommodations and pay for you’re resetting of the IE. 100% Guarantee pass rate! No questions asked and no more costs to you. Go Pro Cozumel is very proud to have never had a candidate fail. We have a 100% pass rate for the IE.


What happens if I cancel my training or
change my course date?

If you cancel your training, all your deposit will be refunded less any service charges (Pay Pal or Credit Card etc..). If you change your training date we will re-schedule your IDC with no additional fees. If the IDC date you wish to take is full we will ask you to re-schedule again or we will refund your money as mentioned above. If you have paid us for your materials before your training has started and have to cancel we will send your materials to you for a nominal fee or hold them for another student you send to take the course. There is no refund on materials.


Is there any guarantee I will get a job or some hands on training?

There are no guarantees that you will get a job! We do have several Instructors on staff doing many PADI courses through out the year. The possibility for you to do some assisting and hands on training with an experienced instructor are very good. We never tell one of our graduates NO! Cozumel Dive School
    staffYou will be giving all the opportunities available on Cozumel to assist as many courses as you like, time permitting. Also with over 200 dive centers in the area, nowhere else can you be offered this potential for finding a job after the IDC!! You have many choices for your IDC training; however it all starts with picking the right training center. GO PRO the right choice.


Can I prepare before I attend the IDC?

Yes, there are some great online PADI study programs on dive Theory. We feel that this option is one that will help you succeed on your quest to become a PADI Instructor. However, it is not mandatory for you to take this online course. We have many study aids that you can download and use prior to your IDC. Once you have paid the deposit for your course we will give you the links to were you will find training videos, guidelines and everything you need to prepare for your upcoming training that are exclusive to Go Pro Cozumel. FREE of charge!. You are also surrounded by PADI instructors that have been in the business for many years so asking for help on any aspect of the IDC is fine, in fact it is expected as we are all here to help you become a successful PADI Instructor.


What is the difference between a PADI IDC Center
and a CDC Center?

Essentially, NOTHING!! The center where you do your IDC does not make any difference in what type, style or extras are offered in your training tobecome a PADI Instructor. PADI gives different ratings to IDC Centers due to the ability to offer extras like the MSDT course and the ability to help you find a job. Any IDC center that has a knowledgeable Course Director that is willing to take the time to work with students and give 110% to making your success the number one factor is doing the same thing no matter what rating the Dive Center has. The only real difference is that in a CDC Center the center has to have 2 PADI Course Director on staff while an IDC center only has to have one. For the money you are about to spend to change careers or make a lifestyle adjustment...for the better, is not an easy decision to make. You do not need to look any further as our staff at Go Pro Cozumel are here for your future as a PADI Instructor.


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