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CHANGE Of LIFE - The PADI Pro dive course for a new life style and career as a Scuba Instructor:

From beginner to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
7 month minimum Internship program

Tired of the 9 to 5 and want more out of life? Or maybe you’re just not sure what career path to take. How about some travel and adventure or living on a spectacular island surrounded by beautiful waters and reefs gleaming with marine life? Well all of that and more can be yours when you become a PADI Instructor. Be a happy diver when you go to one of GoPro Cozumel scuba schoolsThe steps to becoming a PADI Instructor from never having been diving to passing your IE are listed below. We are sure that many questions will need to be asked and that’s fine we're ready to answer your questions about this life changing experience and explain what is involved in the total package. There are many steps to obtaining the PADI OWSI rating and a minimum time of 6 (six) months are required from the beginning of your first training certification until you may enter an IDC.

All courses from PADI Open Water to Instructor with 5 specialty courses and ‘Emergency First Response Instructor, PADI O2 Provider Instructor, EAN Instructor, including all manuals, reef fees, equipment rental, certification cards, ERDPml and dive planners, pocket mask, Instructor materials and PADI fees. Accomodations for 7 months


Download "COL" Information PDF



The Change of Life program requires an $ 1000 deposit to enroll. You can use the PayPal option here to sign up and reserve your place in the courses.

Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water certification is accepted world wide and is your passport to the world of scuba diving. The PADI Open Water Diver Course takes you from complete beginner to being qualified to dive to 18 meters in depth in an environment similar to your training. Take the plundge during your scuba instructor training course with usYou'll learn basic theory using the manual in your crew pack supported by DVD and your instructor. You'll learn and practice basic skills in a pool like environment gaining confidence in your ability and getting to know your scuba equipment. After that its four open water dives demonstrating mastery of your skills and completion of your certification card.

Your course sessions can be custom designed to meet the needs of your schedule, but in most cases it is set up like this:

Day 1, Morning or Afternoon: We will take you directly to the water and start the session with a small skill practice session and then a fun dive in the ocean. After your water time you will be given your book and a DVD to watch and we will see you in the morning. This is a half day session lasting about 4 hours.

Day 2, Morning: Classroom review of your knowledge from the day before and some quizzes.

Day 2, Afternoon: To the pool for more fun with your equipment and skill learning.

Day 3, Morning: Back to the ocean for dives two and three for more fun with your equipment and looking at the marine life.

Day 3, Afternoon: Watch more from the PADI DVD, finish Knowledge reviews and take quizzes and Final Exam.

Day 4, Morning: Back to the ocean for your final dive, the most fun dive of all, here we learn how to look for marine life and enjoy the freedom you experience while scuba diving.


Advanced Open Water Diver

In this PADI course you will further refine your diving skills and be introduced to advance diving. The PADI Advanced course includes five dives, two core dives, Deep and Navigation and any other three that may include Night, Wreck, Drift, Multilevel, Photography and AWARE Fish ID among others. This course will teach you new skills improve old ones and build confidence and awareness in scuba diving.

The two required dives, navigation and deep dive will build your knowledge and enthusiasm to a new level. Then,become a PADI scuba diving instructor we will help you choose three location-appropriate elective dives to complete your training into the Advanced Certification level.

Your course consists of several sessions and spans over 2-3 days. Your course sessions can be custom designed to meet the needs of your schedule, but in most cases it is set up like this:

Core Dive 1: Deep Dive. This dive will certify you to a depth of 30 meters and you will learn about the effects of pressure under water as well as safety measures needed and the effects of narcosis.

Core Dive 2: Navigation Dive. Builds your skills and confidence navigating under water with your compass.

Elective Dives: To complete your Advanced Open Water certification, you only need to choose 3 more dives of your choice.

Wreck Diver, Underwater Navigator, Digital Underwater Photographer, Boat Diver,
Peak Performance Buoyancy, Drift Diver, Underwater Naturalist, Search & Recovery, Multilevel Dive, Night Diver, AWARE - Fish I.D.

and many more to choose from.


Rescue Diver

"Enjoyable and Fun” is the way most divers describe this class after completion.

The Rescue Diver course emphasizes a strong development of accident prevention and rescue management skills. Learn how to make diving more safe and enjoyable for yourself and others. Also, learn how to foresee and prevent potential dive related accidents. Then, you will learn how to put these newly developed skills into practice by managing a dive accident scene, and performing rescue scenarios.

The best scuba career package available in all of MexicoPrior to starting the PADI Rescue Diver course you will be taught the EFR, Emergency First Responder course. This will serve as a prerequisite and provide you the knowledge to offer and administer First Aid, Secondary Care and teach you how to care for children as well as how to use a defibrillator. This portion of the PADI Rescue Diver course is taught in one day.

Your PADI Rescue Diver course consists of several sessions and spans over 3-4 days. Your course sessions can be custom designed to meet the needs of your schedule, but in most cases it is set up like this:

Session 1: Lecture & Exam. You'll spend the day learning the theory, completing knowledge reviews and taking your final exam.

Session 2: Pool Session. You'll practice all of your new Rescue diver skills and scenarios in the pool.

Session 3: Dives 1 & 2. Your final dives will bring all of the individual skills and mini-scenarios you learned together into one simulated emergency rescue situation from beginning to end with you serving in several different roles.


Master Scuba Diver

After the Rescue Diver course is complete you will be trained on your choice of 5 specialty courses so you will have your MSD rating and a vast amount of experience in the PADI system of education while expanding your own dive experiences. You will be able to pick from a vast list of diving experiences such as Deep, Photography, Night, Search and Recovery to name a few. We will assist you in choosing the right course for your interests. This set of courses will take about two weeks and will help you to become a better diver for your next course.


This is the first professional level in scuba diving training.

 “Go PRO” Take the plunge into a program that teaches you the mastery of diving skill, knowledge, Before your scuba diving instructor course you should do your Divemaster Internship with GoPro Cozumelprofessionalism and training. You’ll begin with the extensive knowledge development series that culminates with eight exams. Afterward, your professional dive training leads you through a series of teaching and learning experience programs. It’s a challenging road, but the rewards are innumerable. After completion, you will be ready to work as a PADI professional, go on to become a PADI instructor, or simply enjoy your newly acquired training and extensive dive knowledge.

The PADI Divemaster program is extremely flexible and usually takes about 30 days.

We will discuss the schedule for this program in detail when you get to this stage in your education.

The total time all the courses take is up to you. Some people just go straight through and others take time off between courses and slow the pace down in the Divemaster training. Again the schedule is yours to call however we suggest you get to the DM training with no more than a day or two off between the other courses. You will need 40 dives to start the DM course and 60 to finish so we will let you dive for free anytime you like while you are here. The DM course works as an internship so we would like you to work on the boat and in the office to gain experience on the workings of the dive profession.

After the Divemaster course you will need to schedule your IDC to obtain the full rating of PADI OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor). We will personally discuss with you the time frame and procedures to enter the IDC.

We hope we have answered many of your questions about the training involved. We will personally assure you that the education you will receive at Cozumel Dive School will be one that meets or exceeds your expectations.

                                 Go Pro with the best Instructor and Course Director in Mexico


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